St Johns County Brick & Masonry Services

Mitchell Masonry in St. Augustine has the best and most experienced brick contractors in St. Johns County. We can help you design, repair, or restore your Florida home or commercial property with high-quality service that surpasses all others. We can provide you with a variety of exceptional brick and masonry services, including:

Chimney repair | Brick, block, and concrete placement | Historical restoration | Pavers, patios, and walkways | Pool decks and coping

There are no limits to what our professional and experienced brick contractors can do to help make your property the best it can be. We can provide you with free and accurate estimates on high-quality brick installation and repairs.

Efficient Block and Brick Installation

Quality masonry work often combines block, brick, or stone installation with concrete to create highly unique and useful features. We can help transform your home or commercial property into a lot more than a roof over your head or place of business. Our highly experienced and skilled brick masons at Mitchell Masonry can take care of all of your block and brick installation needs.

We can install your residential or commercial:

Walls | Fences | Driveways | Pathways | And much more

The Best in The Area

Our block and brick installation experts are the best in the area. We can carve out spaces, lay mortar beds, and use bricks or concrete blocks to build your structures.

Our bricklaying experts know the many bricklaying procedures and techniques needed to produce the highest quality brickwork and blockwork. We can read and accurately interpret blueprints and structural and landscaping designs so that the job is done right the first time.

If you have a big project or brick repair to be done, contact our friendly and professional staff and learn more about our many great services.

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Call Mitchell Masonry or stop by in person to discuss your project with us. We can help turn your vision into a reality with the top brick masonry work available. We provide our clients with accurate estimates and help them choose the best materials for the job. We are reasonably priced and always produce quality work.

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