The History of Stucco

Stucco is something we have all seen but that not everyone is aware of or knows a lot about. Stucco is a fantastic material that is used for a ton of different buildings, and knowing what it is can help you determine if it is right for you.

What Is Stucco?

Stucco is a material that has been used for building as far back as 1400 BCE. It was commonly used as an exterior finish for buildings and monuments. The monument or building would be made of rough bricks that were unappealing and that were not all that attractive, then the building would be covered in stucco so that it could be painted and decorated.

The traditional stucco recipe is sand, lime and water that are mixed together to a smooth paste that can be almost painted onto the surface of the building that is being completed. Stucco these days is mixed with a bit of concrete to make it a bit more durable and long-lasting. The lime in the stucco works to make it a bit easier to work with and easier to mold. The stucco that we are most likely familiar with is the Spanish stucco that we see on historical Spanish buildings.

Different Types of Stucco

There are a few types of stucco that you can put on your building or home. The first is traditional stucco, which is what we just discussed that is made with lime, water and sand. There is also synthetic stucco, lace and skip, cat face, dash and more. These are all different types of stucco that you can use that will make a big difference in the type of finish and the overall look that your project ultimately has.

You can also color stucco or add things to it to give it a unique look that fits the overall style and feel that you are looking for. Stucco is something that you can really customize to fit the needs and the overall desired outcome that you are looking for.

Stucco is a great choice if you have a building that is already built, but you want to add a little something extra to it, give it a new look or feel, or if you want to refinish a building and give it a new look. Stucco is very durable, so it does work well if you want to update your home or building and you do not want to do a ton of work.