5 Tips To Keep Your Brick Wall Looking Brand New

Bricks are among the best construction materials out there. They do an incredible job at insulating your house from the cold and the heat, and they are undeniably beautiful. However, a brick wall can fade due to the varying weather conditions. The good thing is that you can keep your wall looking brand new with proper brick maintenance. Here are five ways to keep your brick wall looking brand new.

1. Get Rid of Mildew and Mold Immediately

Brick walls can hold much moisture, making them a perfect breeding ground for mildew and mold. It is more likely to be a problem on walls that don’t receive much sunlight. Left to accumulate, mildew and mold can make your brick walls look dilapidated, not to mention they can give your home a musty odor. That’s why it’s important to understand how to clean a brick wall.

Luckily, it’s easy to remove mildew and mold using simple ingredients you have in your kitchen. If you’re curious to learn how to clean brick wall, this procedure will come in handy.

Add vinegar and warm water into a bowl and mix. Then dampen a rug with the solution and use it to clean your brick walls. Clean the solution from the walls using plain water and dry it with a towel. Then clean the walls with warm water and dishwashing liquid, and rinse with plain water. You can dry that off using a towel or a hairdryer.

2. Repoint Your Bricks

Bricks rely on mortar to stay in place. But as time goes by, the mortar degrades. As a result, it gives your brick wall a dull look. That’s where repointing comes in. Repointing refers to the process of replacing old mortar with new mortar. The new mortar will have a much better outline, making your wall look brand new. Besides, fresh mortar allows for proper weight distribution. It also prevents costly repairs in the future.

3. A Fresh Layer of Paint

Nothing gives surfaces a renewed look than fresh paint. And you need not be afraid of using paint on brick. Ensure that you pick a color that compliments the rest of the home. Before you start painting, prep your working area by covering surrounding items like patio furniture and driveway pavers to prevent splattering paint on them. You also need to work on a clean wall, so now might be the time to research how to wash brick structures.

4. Address Any Water Damage

As you’ve read earlier, bricks hold a lot of moisture. So if there is water damage nearby, your brick wall will take a hit. Water damage can occur by rising dampness or water splashing back against the wall. Eventually, the mortar and bricks will start wearing down. Therefore, ensure that you fix the water damage as soon as you realize it’s there before things get worse.

5. Stain Your Brick Wall

Staining your brick wall is almost similar to painting – except with staining, you need to use some concrete stain. Notably, stain is so versatile in terms of colors. Common choices include classic red, sky blue, and vibrant terracotta. Keep in mind that you can’t apply your stain on painted brick. You will also need to apply a couple of layers of stain for the best results.

Be Bold With Your Choices

Although bricks are effortlessly classic, they don’t have to be boring. There is so much latitude for creativity with brick walls. Don’t be afraid to explore. It would also help to get the input of a professional for satisfactory results. Give us a call today to find out how we can assist bring your brick wall to life.