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5 Tips To Keep Your Brick Wall Looking Brand New

Bricks are among the best construction materials out there. They do an incredible job at insulating your house from the cold and the heat, and they are undeniably beautiful. However, a brick wall can fade due to the varying weather conditions. The good thing is that you can keep your wall looking brand new with […]

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The History of Brick Masonry

Brick masonry has been a highly popular construction material for a very long time. If you ever visited Independence Hall in Philadelphia, you likely noticed that it is made of brick. That is because brick masonry is durable and fireproof. You can maintain and repair brick buildings as needed to keep them standing for a […]

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Types of Brick Masonry

There are two types of masonry used in the construction of buildings. The first type is called “solid masonry,” which uses solid blocks of stone that are not hollow. The other type is called “hollow masonry,” which uses hollow blocks made from stones or bricks and mortar. Hollow masonry is far more common than solid […]

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